AllThingsD Week in Review: Patent Wars Redux and Netflix Thinks “Big”

The Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week, in one convenient post.

Intel May Turn Over Its Web TV Project to Verizon

Lots of people have looked at serving up pay TV over the Web, but no one has done it so far. Now Intel looks ready to let Verizon take over its effort.

No Amazon TV Box for Christmas

Jeff Bezos’s box was supposed to take on Apple TV and Roku. But that fight has been pushed back to next spring.

Chromecast Adds Hulu to Its Modest App Collection

Google launched its Web TV device with four apps. Two months later, it adds another one.

Intel Looking for Help from Amazon or Samsung to Keep Its Web TV Project Alive

Intel was supposed to deliver Web TV by the end of this year. But if it doesn’t get help it may not happen at all.

New Intel CEO Says Intel TV Sounds Great in Theory. But …

Sounds like Intel’s boss has the same question that lots of outsiders have about the company’s TV ambitions.

Here’s Comcast’s Version of Apple TV

We’re still waiting for Tim Cook to show us the “real” Apple TV. In the meantime, everyone from Microsoft to Roku is doing their own version. Here’s the entry from America’s biggest pay-TV company.

News Corp. Threatens to Pull Fox off the Airwaves if Aereo Wins

Goodbye, free TV?

Maybe You’ll Get the Pay TV You Want, After All: Cablevision Sues Viacom to Break Up the Bundle

Cablevision threatens to blow up the pay TV business — or maybe it’s just trying to renegotiate a deal.

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