LG to Unveil webOS-Powered TV

South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc. will soon take the veils off a television model that will run on the webOS operating system, highlighting its ambition of creating a prominent operating system for so-called smart TVs.

Microsoft Is Getting Nokia’s Phone Business for a Song

It’s all in the timing.

What LG Will Do With webOS

First TVs. Then refrigerators and signage.

webOS Finds New Life Yet Again, This Time in LG Televisions

LG plans to use the software in its smart TVs, but apparently has no interest in using it for phones or tablets.

Former webOS CTO Sam Greenblatt Leaves HP for Enterprise Role at Dell

He’ll be working for former HP colleague Marius Hass.

HP’s 2013 Smartphone Plans: Start Thinking About One

“We don’t have any plans to introduce a smartphone in 2013.”

Ahead of Big Meeting With Analysts, Another “Sell” Rating Appears on HP Shares

With less than a week to go before a key update from HP management, one analyst loses confidence in HP’s turnaround prospects.

Whitman Says HP Has to Do a Smartphone Again (Video)

And no, HP won’t be buying RIM. (Whew!)

HP Hires Nokia’s Former MeeGo Head Torres, but Not for Gram

Now there are two mobile groups within HP. Got that?

Can You Guess the Super-Short Domain Name HP Just Registered for Gram?

A new detail about the stealthy new subsidiary formerly known as Palm.

RIM Is Bleeding Developers