At $40, Microsoft Charging Far Less For Windows 8 Than Past Updates

Microsoft is charging $40 for the update when downloaded from its Web site. A boxed copy will cost $70 at retail.

Microsoft Opts Against 31 Flavors for Windows 8, but Still Adds Unfamiliar Tastes

Redmond narrows the number of packages with the next Windows, but opts to rename Windows on ARM with the obscure Windows RT moniker.

Ripples in Microsoft's Cloud as Amitabh Srivastava Leaves

One of the few to carry the title Distinguished Engineer, he’s credited with getting Windows development back on track, then creating its cloud computing platform.

Microsoft talks ARM at CES

Windows boss Steven Sinofsky took to the stage Wednesday to announce Microsoft’s efforts to broaden the types of chips on which the flagship operating system will run.

Windows XP Closer to Immortality

Windows XP has been around for nearly a decade. And it will be another decade before it’s finally retired for good. Microsoft has given the OS yet another reprieve.

Microsoft: We’re Selling Seven Copies of Windows 7 a Second

It took nearly a decade, but it appears that Microsoft has finally developed a worthy heir to Windows XP. Evidently, Windows 7 is proving the commercial success that Windows Vista never was.

VirnetX Sues Microsoft a Second Time

Now that a Texas jury has found that Windows Vista, Windows XP and Office Communicator infringe its patents, VirnetX Holding has set out to prove that a few other Microsoft products do as well. Two days after winning a $105.75 million jury verdict against the software giant, VirnetX has filed a new complaint claiming Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 infringe those patents as well.

No, the Microsoft Browser Ballot Will Not Include an “I’m Feeling Lucky” Option

Microsoft will begin rolling out its “No Browser Left Behind” scheme in Europe next week, offering Windows users a choice of Web browsers, as stipulated by its antitrust settlement with the European Commission.

Monster Devours Hotjobs


Windows 7 Usage Outpaces Vista, Closes In on Mac

There’s a new sign Windows 7 is off to a strong start: Web surfers have started moving to the operating system much more quickly than they did its troubled predecessor, Windows Vista. A new research report says Windows 7 on Saturday surpassed 4 percent of all devices visiting Web sites that day, a little over two weeks after the commercial launch of the product.

A MacBook Surprise