How Do You Get VCs to Invest in a New Videogame? QuizUp Did It With “Twilight.”

And no, VCs does not mean “vampire capitalists.”

Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey Joins Board of Major League Gaming

A pickup from the traditional sporting world for the growing e-sports company.

New Zombie-Shooting Game for iOS Claims to Be First Mobile Title With Cooperative Campaign

Are you tired of zombies yet? Maybe playing in real time with your friends will fix that.
multiplayer emg v1

New Acer PCs Will Launch Preloaded With Pokki-Powered Games, Including Zynga’s

The partnership makes a slew of Web-based games available to download and install in one click.

Running With Friends Adds a Dash of Diversity to Zynga’s Mobile Games Catalog

An important first step for the company toward better multiplayer gaming on mobile devices.


App Non Gratis

What matters more than hitting the Top 10 is the ability to stay in the Top 10.

ATD Q&A: Zynga’s President of Games Steve Chiang

Here are some highlights from a recent interview with Steve Chiang, Zynga’s new president of games.

Former Zynga VP Ya-Bing Chu Placing a Bet on Real-Money Gaming

Ya-Bing Chu has joined Betable as its chief product officer, after being responsible for such hugely popular Zynga games as Words With Friends and Scramble With Friends.

Zynga’s Next Gamble: An Ad Platform

What could a Zynga-built advertising platform look like?

Should Mark Pincus Take Zynga Private?

Several options have been floated for what Zynga should do next already. But could it go private?