Yahoo and Facebook Patent War Officially Over: The Press Release

We now can go back to our regularly scheduled fighting between Facebook and Google, Google and Apple, Apple and Amazon, Amazon and … oh, you get my point here.

Exclusive: Japan’s Rakuten Wins the Heart of Pinterest in $100M Funding Race With $1.5B Valuation

The largest e-commerce site in Japan is about to get pinned by Ben Silbermann in massive funding round.

Exclusive: Yahoo Director in Charge of Botched CEO Vetting to Step Down From Board

CSLie has claimed its first victim, although the mystery is still unsolved.

It’s Official: Yahoo Lays Off 2,000 Employees — 14 Percent of Workforce

CEO Scott Thompson promises that Yahoo, after staff cuts of 14 percent of the entire workforce, will be “smaller, nimbler, more profitable and better equipped to innovate as fast as our customers and our industry require.”

Yahoo Hopes to Fight Back at Activist Shareholder Third Point With More New Board Members of Its Own

In the battle for the board, Yahoo is not sitting still.

Yahoo May Not Need a “Loebotomy,” But It Definitely Can’t Endure a Brain-Sapping Proxy Fight

This is like the movie “Groundhog Day,” except not nearly as funny.

Lucky 13: After More Than a Dozen Failing Quarters, How Will New Yahoo CEO Roll the Dice?

Maybe Yahoo should take its earnings to Vegas and bet it all on red!

News Byte

WashPost’s Narisetti Takes Over

Raju Narisetti, who is currently managing editor of the Washington Post, has been named managing editor of The Wall Street Digital Network. Narisetti, who has worked for the News Corp.-owned WSJ in the past, replaces Kevin Delaney, who recently left the site to start a global business news site venture at Atlantic Media.

News Byte

Atlantic Media Officially Announces Unnamed “Global Business Brand” Site

As AllThingsD previously reported, Atlantic Media will be launching a new “digital global business brand,” a site that will be helmed by managing editor Kevin Delaney. There is no name for the site, but the media company said it “will provide high-quality content and services to business executives navigating the increasingly complex global economy.”

Now What?  The Post-Jobs Era in Tech.

Video: Walt Talks iPad, Day Two!