Xoom Soars in Trading Debut

Investors banking on the latest advances in international money transfers bid up shares in the IPO of Xoom Corp., which lets customers wire cash across borders using the Web. The stock jumped 45 percent.

Xoom Files for $50 Million IPO

You’ll never guess the ticker …

News Byte

Apple Loses Patent Claim Against Motorola Xoom in Germany

Apple’s efforts to have Motorola’s Xoom tablet banned across Europe have ended in a rout in Germany. On Tuesday the Düsseldorf court ruled that the Xoom does not infringe on Apple’s industrial design rights for the iPad, and dismissed the company’s request for a ban on the Xoom in Germany. At the same time, the court also rejected a counterclaim brought by Motorola alleging that the design claims Apple asserted against it were invalid.

Motorola: Act Now and We’ll Include the Previous Owner’s Personal Data on Your Refurbished Xoom Free!

Motorola sells a bunch of refurbished Xoom tablets without wiping them of their previous owners’ data.

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Xoom Gloom: Motorola Shipped Just 100,000 Tablets in Q3

Remember those early forecasts claiming Motorola Mobility would sell between three million and five million Xooms this year? Best forget them. Reporting third-quarter earnings Thursday afternoon, the company revealed that it had shipped — not sold — just 100,000 Xooms into the channel during the quarter. That’s significantly worse than the 440,000 units shipped in the June period, and even lousier considering Apple’s iPad sales of 11.1 million in its third quarter.


Motorola Mobility Narrows Loss On Smartphone Sales

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. increased sales of smartphones by 9.1 percent, helping to narrow its third-quarter loss, even as shipments of its much-touted Xoom tablet ground nearly to a halt.

At Long Last, Verizon Says It’s Ready With Xoom 4G Upgrade

After months of delays, Verizon says it is ready to start updating Xoom tablets to run on its faster 4G LTE network, AllThingsD has learned.

Motoogle: BOOM! The Mobile Business Just Got Completely Blown Up

Things that make you go “Boom!!!”: Google’s $12.5 billion purchase of handset maker Motorola.

Apple Sues Motorola Over Xoom Design

Apple legal’s been busy in Europe.

2020: Still the Year of the iPad

Competing against Apple’s iPad has been a fruitless endeavor for most who have tried, and sadly for the company’s rivals, that’s not going to change any time soon.