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Our iPads Will Blot Out the Sun!

300 Apple Tablet iPad Our iPads will blot out the sun!The global media tablet market will exceed growth expectations for the next few years, largely thanks to the soaring popularity of Apple’s iPad.

According to the latest figures from IHS iSuppli, global media tablet shipments will hit 60 million units this year, up a jawdropping 245.9 percent from 17.4 million in 2010. And of those 60 million tablets, 44.2 million will be iPads.

In other words, Apple is expected to account for 74 percent of media tablet shipments in 2011. And with the company expected to ship 120.1 million iPads in 2015 — up from a previous forecast of 97.9 million — it’s looking like Apple will claim the majority of the market for the next couple years. Indeed, IHS expects the iPad to dominate through 2013, a year longer than it previously predicted, because so many rival tablets (one in particular) have failed to gain mass appeal.

“All the momentum in the media tablet market is with Apple right now,” said IHS analyst Rhoda Alexander. “The competition can’t seem to field a product with the right combination of hardware, marketing, applications and content to match up with the iPad. Furthermore, Apple’s patent litigation is serving to slow or complicate competitors’ entry into some key regional markets. With Apple lapping its competitors, many of whom are still struggling to get out of the starting gate, this remains a one-horse race.”

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