Fast Company Pops Onto the Flash Sales Scene for Designer Edition

Fast Company is not just writing about U.S. design in its October edition, it is selling it.

As part of the issue’s theme — designer and hand-made items in the U.S. — Fast Company will offer nearly 100 handmade products, ranging from purses made from recycled leather to eyeglasses made from wood, that are featured in the article.

To pull it off, the magazine partnered with, a New York-based flash sales site, which sells a wide range of items — including household objects, jewelry and gadgets — at discounts to registered members via email.

As part of the launch, said it will debut a new feature on its site, called a “pop-up shop.” Physical pop-up shops are typically retail outlets that open for a limited period of time, and are based around a specific theme, like Christmas decorations or Halloween costumes.’s first pop-up shop will feature items from Fast Company’s design edition, and others — including one focused on T-shirts — are coming soon. These sales will typically last for a month, compared to other items, which are sold for only a day.

Fab’s founders — Jason Goldberg, who is CEO, and Bradford Shellhammer, who heads up design — were in Seattle recently to tell me about Fab’s partnership with Fast Company, the concept behind the pop-up shops and how the company is doing after launching only a couple of months ago.

Needless to say, Goldberg is happy with the progress, which includes signing up 600,000 members in a matter of weeks. (More details from them in the video below.)

Fast Company also said that it will be releasing an iPad app built by Socialistic. The app will feature video and audio from the designers and company owners who will tell the story behind some of their products. It will also have an augmented-reality feature, which will allow users to hold up the iPad to see how some of the household products being sold would look in their homes.

The iPad app will link to, where the items will be on sale for 30 days.

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