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Steve Jobs, in Your Words

Steve Jobs’s influence touched people around the world. We’ve heard from many of them tonight, but that’s just a small sampling. Please feel free to use this forum to let us know what the Apple co-founder meant to you.

We’ll start out by including thoughts some of you have left on other posts on this site tonight, and then we’re going to open up the comments section. Please do remember our comments guidelines. (Refresher course: “Civility is the rule.”)

humanity does not get measured by sales of ipads, ipods, iphones. the world has lost a man. a great man
— Tablet Cases

Tonight I shut down the entire companies computers and we take a moment of silence to rembember a truely remarkable american. We will miss you Steve, you are an inspiration to us all
— Rogueknight

The very fact I saw this sad news on my iPad 2 first says a lot on how much Jobs has changed the world. He will truly be remembered not only as a one of the greatest business leaders in American history, but also one who had a huge impact on the motion picture industry through Pixar with its multiple Oscar wins.
Alas, gone too soon. :-(
— RaymondC

A tremor has been felt in the Universe.
— Fast Fred

I can proudly tell future generations that I lived during “Steve Jobs years” and how he impacted our lives and has permanently changed the future. He was the greatest mind in the last 50 years.
— Super Tino

Most of my life has been entwined with Apple — since the start of high school in 1980 and as the core of my working life over the years through selling and servicing. He was only 11 years older than me and I still feel so young. A real shame. His legacy lives on in so much we take for granted everyday.
— Todd Dixon

— Sybill

I almost feel like I’ve lost a brother.
— jethrObama

Steve Jobs’ passing reminds us reminds to make the most of our lives while we’re here.A brilliant innovator, but also a kind soul who — together with his family — greeted neighborhood kids with warmth and graciousness every Halloween.
— Joel Zand

heartbreaking. as i roll my iPhone in my hand, i feel a personal loss. … Till last breath you innovated. Hats off to you!
— Shirish Kumar

I feel like I lost a family member. My heart hurts. Rest in peace Steve. Many of us love you, forever and ever.
— Appletini

The world loses one of its greatest champions of excellence. Good-bye, Steve.
— MichaelK

What an amazing Human Being he was… By reading his words you can tell in a minute the clarity and simplicity of his soul… like he said: “…Simple is harder…”
— peoc

Only Steve Jobs made us feel like he knew what we really needed to get it done and gave us that. Without the fluff and chrome.
— Perk

I never knew Steve Jobs. As a tech devotee, however, I always admired the beauty of the products he sold, regardless of my OS leanings.
That being said, I can’t help but feel grieved at Steve Jobs’ passing. I don’t grieve for his passing from this life and relief from his suffering, but I grieve for our loss. I hope that people like him will pick up scrappy little companies like Pixar and help them shine, and will put out products that are concerned with the user experience, rather than the specifications.
As I mentioned, I never knew the man, but I marvel at the simplicity of the iPod’s interface (especially in later click wheel iterations, like my 4th-gen iPod nano). I marvel at how easily my daughter uses our iPad to create and to play. I marvel at the clean design of my wife’s Macbook Air.
While my phone is Android and my desktop is a personally-built Windows machine, I have become an Apple fan, somewhere along the road. And I know Steve Jobs is a big reason for that.
Thanks again, and rest in peace, from one Steve to another.
— Steve Sleight

In a very real way, Steve Jobs brought my family — dispersed around the country, like so many families — back together. From the oldest to the youngest, we’re in touch again and closer than ever because of the dreams he made sure came true. We’re all thinking of him — and thanking him — tonight.
— joebsf

Too soon to be finished; so much more to be done. Too much genius to be wasted. Too sad for the world to have lost so much. Condolences to us all.
— Jennifer Pierce


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