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Coliloquy Steams Up Interactive E-Books (Video)

E-book publisher Coliloquy is doing a bunch of interesting things: The start-up is trying to overhaul the traditional book royalty system, for one thing. And it is built on an interactive platform that allows readers to influence the way their stories play out.

But what really grabbed the audience at D: Dive Into Media¬†was a good old-fashioned helping of sex, delivered with verve from co-founder Lisa Rutherford. No need to say much more to tease this, though we should point out that Coliloquy doesn’t work exclusively with erotica. They’re also targeting teen girls with “Twilight”-like books, for instance.

Oh. And we should also note that readers who do want the steamy stuff can dial the dirty quotient up or down, depending on what floats their boat. But there’s at least one part of this clip that may not be safe for your work, so here it comes on a Sunday.