Apple Denies Working with NSA on iPhone Backdoor

The company says it will try to defend against attacks on its products by anyone.

You Won’t Believe All the Crazy Hardware the NSA Uses for Spying

The NSA’s Sears catalog for spies has been released.

BlackBerry Reports Massive $4.4 Billion Quarterly Loss, Inks a Deal With Foxconn

Still looking for a turnaround.

Calxeda, Chipmaker That Sought to Bring ARM Chips to Servers, Has Shut Down

The company “ran out of runway.”

The Washington Post Is Hacked Again, and Again China Is Suspected

It’s the third time in as many years the paper’s systems have been breached.

Oracle Shakes Off Wall Street’s Worries, Beats Estimates in Q2

A solid beat puts concerns of a slow quarter to rest.

What Has the Titan Supercomputer Been Up To Lately? You Won’t Believe It.

Scientists are simulating how cells communicate, which could eventually lead to ways to stop diseases in their tracks.

Apple’s Mac Pro Starts Shipping Tomorrow

The tube-shaped maxed-out Mac starts at $2,999.

In Lawsuit, U.S. May Have to Prove Why It Needs Phone Records Collection Program

A judge challenges the government to prove that investigators have used it to fend off imminent terrorist attacks.

You Spent $1.2 Billion Shopping Online on Black Friday

Good job.

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