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Ads on Instagram Work Great, Says Instagram

kors_ad_instagramWe try hard at AllThingsD to ignore press releases that tout numbers without real context, or flat-out bullshit metrics.  You’re welcome!

But sometimes we have to note them anyway, because in some cases even some numbers are better than no numbers.

So: Instagram says that some advertisers who have started advertising on Instagram are happy with the ads they are running on Instagram.

Among the stats Instagram is using to support that notion: “A 32-point incremental lift in ad recall per campaign” for four campaigns that have run on the service.

Which campaigns? Well, even that is fuzzy: Instagram calls out Ben & Jerry’s (whose “Scotchy Scotch Scotch” flavor does sort of sound right up my alley) and Levi’s, but for some reason won’t identify the two other campaigns it is talking about. No idea why.

In any case, the real news would have been if Instagram had concluded, less than two months after launch, that its ads weren’t working, and that it was going back to the drawing board.

Still, I would imagine we’ll see some tweaks from it down the road. Perhaps a different approach to comments on the ads, which so far have generated lots of … well, the sort of comments anonymous users post on the Internet all the time — and which brands might not be comfortable with.

And now I have to go take a picture of my lunch. It will be revolutionary.

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