Veteran Microsoft Engineer Jon DeVaan Leaving After Almost 30 Years

DeVaan is one of several longtime technical execs whose position in Redmond has been unclear since a September reorganization of the Windows unit.

Bringing Inexpensive Mobile Access to Researchers in Antarctica

A unique approach combines some of the benefits of walkie-talkies and satellite phones while using ordinary cellphones connected to a base station from startup Range Networks.

Apple Strikes Long-Awaited Deal With China Mobile, With iPhone 5s and 5c to Hit Stores on January 17

At long, last the two companies have struck a deal to help Apple target one of its biggest opportunities in mobile.

T-Mobile Plans to Talk “Un-Carrier” 4.0 at CES

“This one you aren’t going to believe,” T-Mobile says in an invitation to journalists.

Bill Gates Makes a Darn Good Secret Santa

A participant in Reddit’s gift exchange got quite a shock after opening her present and realizing that it was from none other than the Microsoft chairman and philanthropist.
Bill Gates with stuffed cow

Intel Looks to Sponsorship Deals With FC Barcelona, and Now 49ers, to Boost Brand

The Niners get Intel inside.

Ex-HTC Exec Launches Zero, a Startup Aiming to Keep That Fitbit or FuelBand From Ending Up in a Drawer

Kouji Kodera wants to create the wearable equivalent of a gym buddy — even if your buddy wears a different brand of bracelet.
zero Black Background RGB

Apple Wants Samsung to Pay $15 Million of Its Legal Tab, Now Over $60 Million for Current Case

The request, made in court filings this week, follows a trial and retrial in which juries found Samsung liable for infringing on various Apple patents.
Apple v Samsung collage

Motorola Hits Redial After Website Glitches Hang Up $349 Moto X Cyber Monday Deal

The company now says it will offer twice as many devices at the sale price, with the offer due to be made available on Wednesday at noon ET, and again next Monday.

Two Jury Verdicts Still Don’t Equal Resolution in Battle of Apple vs. Samsung

With the fate of the smartphone market in the balance, even a nearly billion-dollar damage award may not be enough to push the parties toward a settlement.

Jury: Samsung Owes Apple Another $290 Million

Samsung Seeks to Have Current Apple Case Put on Hold Following Patent Office Action

Lytro Raises $40 Million to Keep Its Dream of Changing Photography in Focus

FCC Chairman Wants Carriers to Start Unlocking Phones Pronto

Facebook Says It Has Learned Important Android Lessons From Building Home

Scanadu Raises $10.5 Million to Help Make Its Medical Tricorder a Reality

Amazon Convinces U.S. Postal Service to Start Making Sunday Deliveries

Texting Can Be Good for Relationships (But Also Really Bad)

Future iPhones Could Be Big and Curvy, More Sensitive to Pressure

Square Discontinues Monthly Flat-Rate Plan

AT&T Says iPad Activations Triple Those of Last Year’s Launch Weekend (Updated)

Motorola Teases Moto G Launch for November 13