Web Video Startup Ooyala Raises $43 Million

A big Web video player you haven’t heard of gets a big funding round, all of it from an Australian telco.

Simulmedia’s Investors Bet $25 Million More on Smart TV Ads (Video)

Web video ads are interesting, but TV ads are huge. Guess which market Dave Morgan is interested in?

Longtime AOL Exec Jon Brod Headed Out

One of Tim Armstrong’s closest allies says goodbye after four years.

App Advertisers TapCommerce Raise $10 Million

The app boom has led to an app advertising boom, which means VCs are are interested. So is Facebook, which might make things interesting…

The Idiot’s Guide to Valuing Snapchat

Step 1: Ignore this idiot.

Pay Wall Operator Tinypass Grows, Raises $3 Million

The people who help Andrew Sullivan make money raise money of their own.
great wall

Vox Media Spends Some of Its Giant Funding Round on Lockhart Steele’s Curbed Network

A blogging pioneer sells his company to a blogging powerhouse.
big fish little fish

Machinima, the YouTube Giant Looking for New Money, Is Also Looking for a New CEO

Machinima is really big, but it’s not a really big business yet. Allen DeBevoise says he wants to hire a replacement to change that.

Investors Decide They Like Ad Tech Again, Just in Time for Criteo’s IPO

Remember when Wall Street didn’t like ad tech? That was months ago! Criteo goes public today, and it has already shot up 2x in the last year.
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Booming Vox Media, the People Behind The Verge and SB Nation, Raises Another Huge Round

Investors aren’t supposed to go near content. But Jim Bankoff has now raised nearly $75 million for digital publishing.

Waywire, Cory Booker’s Attempt to Build a Web Video Startup, Sells to Magnify

Rocket Fuel’s IPO May Boost Ad Tech

Machinima, YouTube’s Giant Gamer Network, Lays Off 10 Percent of Staff

How to Launch a New Photo App: Wait for iOS 7 Launch, Try to Get Featured. Then Hope.

Upworthy Raises $8 Million for Clickbait With a Mission

Another Big-Money Bet on YouTube, as Maker Raises $26 Million More

Maker Studios Finishes Buying Blip, and Looks for New Pile of Money

As Glam Media Waits for Its IPO Moment, a New App Hints at Its Pitch

Maker Studios Buys Blip, and a Home Outside of YouTube (Update)

Meet Vice Media Boss Shane Smith, Rupert Murdoch’s “Wild” New Pal