Lookout Warns App That Pays for Unused Text Messages Is a Big-Time Security Threat

The app, called Bazuc, proposes that users allow them to send text messages from their plan. In exchange, it offers to pay users a tenth of a penny for each message sent.

Maybe BlackBerry Should Focus on Low-End Phones, Become the Hyundai of Mobile

The struggling device maker should focus on producing an affordable, keyboard-equipped phone for the global mass market, says Wedge Partners principal Brian Blair.

Motorola Taps 3D Systems to Help Make “Project Ara” Customizable Phone a Reality

A phone whose individual modules can be replaced sounds appealing, but it still needs to win support from component makers, carriers and regulators — not to mention consumers.

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After Securing Individual Smartphones, Lookout Offers an Option for Businesses

As it signaled it would earlier this year, mobile security software maker Lookout is releasing its first product to help businesses secure large numbers of smartphones. Features include the ability for businesses to remotely find, lock and wipe devices while also managing phones via the cloud.

Facebook Says It Has Learned Important Android Lessons From Building Home

Meanwhile, the company is plugging away on updates to its core app and other companion products.

The Mobile Phone Market Just Officially Became the Smartphone Market

The number of high-speed mobile connections is expected to hit two billion this year, and quadruple that by 2019.

Lookout Secures Deal to Be Installed on AT&T Android Devices

AT&T will offer Lookout’s basic service for free, with customers billed $2.99 a month for premium features.

Qualcomm Issues Upbeat Earnings Report, But Guidance Disappoints Investors

The company hiked its forecast for high-end phone shipments for 2013 and said the company sees its revenue and per-share earnings growing at double digit percentages for the next five years.

Motorola Teases Moto G Launch for November 13

Though short on details, the invitation to reporters featured a photo of a lush-looking globe, perhaps an indication of the company’s global ambitions for the device.
Moto G globe-feature

SoftBank Snags $1.26 Billion Stake in Brightstar

Already big, Brightstar will become huge, acquiring $20 billion worth of cell phones, accessories and services annually.

Android Co-Founder Rich Miner on How He Is Spending Google’s Money

AT&T Announces $5 Tablet Day Passes, Deal to Power Tesla’s In-Car Wireless

Apple Surpassing Android With Businesses Writing Custom Mobile Apps

Need to Talk to a Doctor, Pronto? Now There’s an App for That, Too.

Top U.S. Samsung Mobile Exec Kevin Packingham Has Left the Phone Maker

Jeff Bezos Says Amazon Just Getting Started in Tablets, Stays Mum on Phone Plans

Sprint Pitches Jetsons-Like Future in New Concept Video

Microsoft to Buy Nokia’s Device Business in Deal Worth $7.17 Billion

NBC News Scooping Up Mobile Video Site Stringwire

Three More BlackBerry Execs Head for the Exits