Bogus Accounts Dog Twitter

Fake activity, often bought for publicity purposes, influences trending topics.

Social Sharing App Buffer Hacked, Temporarily Halts Service

Social media managers, take note.

Facebook Scores $3 Million Win in Spammer Lawsuit

A small legal victory for Facebook in an ongoing anti-spam case.

Swiftype Raises $1.7M for Smarter Site Search

Swiftype helps sites dynamically update and rerank their own content in search results.

Instagram Suffers Weird, Fruit-Based Flood of Spam

Fruit photos as spam. How ironic.

News Byte

Please Welcome the SpamBots Back to Twitter

A number of Twitter users were complaining today about a serious overload of spammy Twitter messages, a problem Twitter has regularly dealt with in its seven-year history but over the past year had seemed to curb. Apropos of nothing, users complained of receiving @mentions with links to diet-program websites. Twitter did not respond to a request for comment.

Twitter Wins Round One in Spammer Lawsuit Battle

A settlement with spammers ends in one small step for Twitter, one giant leap for tweet-kind.

Introducing Livefyre Commenting at AllThingsD

Change is hard, but commenting has never been easier.
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Cyber Attack on Spam Fighter Said to Be Over

Companies that monitor Internet traffic said Wednesday that an intensive cyber attack against a European spam-fighting organization has ended.

Beginning This Week, Expect to See a Lot Fewer Spammy Actions on Facebook

Goodbye, Farmville crops notices. (And good riddance.)