Top Products in Two Decades of Tech Reviews

Walt Mossberg on the dozen personal-technology products that were the most influential over two decades of reviews.

Dell Tablets at Bargain Prices

The Dell Venue 7 is a heck of a buy for a brand-name Android tablet, says Walt Mossberg, but if you can spare more money, you’ll get a better experience in a more expensive small tablet.

The Laptops to Buy

There’s good news for laptop buyers, Walt says: The confusing changes in the sagging laptop industry have settled down enough that now may be the time to buy one.

When You Don’t Want a New Start

Microsoft’s new Windows 8.1 will now let users bypass the new Start screen and boot right into the usual Windows desktop. But the setting to do this can be tricky to find.

How Can You Undo an Upgrade to Apple’s New iOS 7?

Walt answers a reader’s question on how to undo an upgrade to Apple’s new iOS 7.

Parallels Access Requirements on Windows

Walt answers readers’ technology questions, such as Parallels Access requirements and the transfer of photo files from a Windows PC to an iPad mini.

Controlling a PC or Mac, iPad-Style

Parallels Access, a new iPad app, treats the computer programs it accesses as if they were iPad apps, without sacrificing functionality.

A Windows Laptop With an Apple Price, but Less Juice

Toshiba’s Kirabook is a speedy and reliable machine that’s thin and light without feeling cheap, but not worth the price, says Walt.

Windows Version of Quicken on the Mac

Walt answers a reader’s question on using a Windows version of Quicken on the Mac.

Two Products for People Who Miss the Old Windows

Walt reviews Start8 and Pokki, two products that restore the Start Menu to WIndows 8.

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