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Recent Posts by Arik Hesseldahl Says Today's Troubles Are Fixed

Certain customers are having availability problems today, the company has confirmed on its Web site.

There have been numerous complaints on Twitter like this one from people saying they are having access issues. At least one company,, is unable to respond to customer support requests as a result. You can see the action unfolding on Twitter here. Let me know in the comments below if you’re among those affected.

Salesforce said first it was having trouble with its NA1 instance, fixed it, and then started having troubles with its NA7 instance. Other instances seem unaffected.

It’s not clear at the moment how many people are affected, as the other seven instances running in North America are showing green.

The timing isn’t good because Salesforce has just started telling customers about its Spring 11 update, the first of its three-times-a-year upgrades, which is due next month.

I’ve got calls into Salesforce for a further explanation and will update as I learn more.

Update: It’s fixed as of 11:14 AM Pacific Time. And here’s a statement from Salesforce corporate VP Jane Hynes:

“At, nothing is more important than the continued success of our customers. has set the standard in the industry for transparency with our customers about the availability and performance of our systems with”

That doesn’t say much about what happened, or what the root cause was. I’ve asked. More as I get it.

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