Salesforce Went Down for About Three Hours Today in North America and Europe

It’s all in the timing.

QOTD: A Foolproof Way to Make a Hit Videogame

Your first 10 games will probably fail. Plan for that. Make your 11th game awesome.

Andy Moore, independent videogame developer, to other indie developers at PAX Prime in Seattle

News Byte

Twitter Suffers Brief Outage

Twitter was hit with a short outage this afternoon. In a status update, the company confirmed that at least some users were experiencing access issues. Once known for all too regular outages as its popularity grew, Twitter has in recent years become a more solid service. It did suffer a pair of outages during one week in January.

How Many Techies Does It Take to Reelect a President? T4O Launches “Innovator Series” Videos for Obama.

Technology4Obama puts its mouth where its mouth is.

The F Word

In my mind, the ones who have no fear of failure are merely the dreamers, and the dreamers don’t build great companies.

Joe Kraus, an investing partner at Google Ventures, from a story about failure in Silicon Valley by Melissa Block of NPR’s All Things Considered

Still Not Convinced the Cloud Is a Risky Place? Here Are Some Scary Numbers To Ponder.

The company that says cloud providers are in denial about risk has estimated the total costs from the recent Epsilon data breach. Here’s a hint: They’re big.

Amazon Details Last Week's Cloud Failure, and Apologizes

Amazon explains in detail what happened to its cloud last week, and promises it will never happen again. And it apologizes to its customers. Shaken customers will have to ask themselves if that’s enough.

Amazon's Cloud Crash Is Over, But the Talking About It Isn't

The big crash of Amazon’s cloud that brought down hundreds of other Internet companies that rely upon it is over. Now everyone who was affected in one way or another is comparing notes on how they coped or didn’t. And for cloud providers not named Amazon, there’s going to be an obvious business opportunity.

Amazon's Cloud Crashed Overnight, And Brought Several Other Companies Down Too

One part of Amazon’s cloud came to a screeching halt overnight, and brought Foursquare, Quora, Hootsuite, Reddit and scores of other companies down with it. Says Today's Troubles Are Fixed

Some Salesforce customers are reporting problems accessing the service. The company says it’s working on it. Update: It’s fixed.

Skype's Group Video Calling Restored

Cisco Swallows Starent

Microsoft/Danger. Enough Said.