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How Many Techies Does It Take to Reelect a President? T4O Launches “Innovator Series” Videos for Obama.

A large group of tech luminaries — including LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, Path’s Dave Morin, JLab’s Judy Estrin, Dropbox’s Drew Houston, Craigslist’s Craig Newmark and Box’s Aaron Levie — are part of the launch of a series of online videos today aimed at talking up U.S. innovation and, in the process, touting the reelection of President Barack Obama.

The slick “Innovator Series” of about two dozen videos comes out of Technology for Obama — or T4O, for short — and plans to feature daily short interviews with entrepreneurs and tech execs. Along with touting the need for innovation, the group talks about their “personal lessons of success and failure,” which then sidles politically into “their views on why they believe President Obama is the right leader for increasing innovation and moving the country forward.”

The patter is in that vein, such as this quote from Hoffman:

“Innovation is our key differentiator in terms of competitive business model of the U.S. in the world. We need to continue to attract the best people to build interesting businesses, products, services here.”

CNET co-founder and former CEO Shelby Bonnie, who recently joined investment firm Allen & Co., did most of the interviews for the T4O effort.

“Each of us was looking at what we could do and found that this group had a deep-seated belief in the importance of innovation and ability to innovate in this country,” he said of the video offerings, which were shot mostly out of the Obama campaign offices in San Francisco. “The consistent theme we wanted to get out is that President Obama gets that and believe in innovation.”

No word yet on what GOP geeks — such as Hewlett Packard’s Meg Whitman or Cisco’s John Chambers — are up to for former Gov. Mitt Romney — but until then, here is a sizzle reel of the T4O interviews:

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