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LulzSec Blasts Space Game Eve Online, Other Gaming Sites

The Lulz just keep on coming. A day after taking and posting files from the servers of gaming concern Bethesda Softworks, and then posting a configuration file from the U.S. Senate’s Web server for an encore, the LulzSec hacking troupe turned its attention to another gaming company.

Having dubbed the day #TitanticTakeoverTuesday on its Twitter feed, LulzSec appeared to launch denial-of-service attacks against the servers used to run the online games Eve Online and Minecraft and Escapist Magazine, a gaming publication. Eve Online confirmed the attack via its own Twitter feed and was still offline later in the day, saying it took its servers down as a precaution.

Clearly the group’s members have an affinity for gaming. Having attacked several Sony sites in the wake of that company’s run-in with still unidentified hackers who hit its Playstation Gaming Network, and then Nintendo, it has now hit four or five different gaming concerns, making for something of a pattern.

EVE Online and related services experienced an Internet attack. We have taken them down as a security precaution. #eveonline #tweetfleet
EVE Online

The security of your information is of upmost import to us. We will provide more info as it becomes available #eveonline
EVE Online

Meanwhile, in between causing general havoc wherever they choose to focus their attention, the group has been operating some kind of phone switchboard, soliciting people to call them. The number is (614) LULZSEC. The group says it’s received more than 3,500 calls and about 1,500 voice mails. Clearly the crew is enjoying the attention.

3500+ missed calls, 1500+ voicemails. The Lulz Boat must sail away to traverse your messages. See you around, friends!
The Lulz Boat

For what it’s worth, this is what you hear when you call the number.

Lulz Greeting by ahess247

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