FBI Says AntiSec Hackers Lied About List of iPhone ID Numbers

Hackers lying? Who would have thunk it?

Hackers Claim FBI Has List of 12 Million iPhone and iPad ID Numbers

If the claim by AntiSec bears out, the next question then becomes, what is the FBI doing with this information?


FBI’s “Sabu” Hacker Was a Model Informant

As soon as he was caught, an influential computer hacker agreed to become a government informant and “literally worked around the clock” to help federal agents nab an elusive collective of alleged cyber criminals who have launched online attacks against companies, governments and individuals.

Not Lulzing Anymore: Five Hackers Charged in U.S., U.K. and Ireland

Five people on two continents are charged as being members of the LulzSec hacking troupe that caused so much mayhem last summer. They are alleged to have been turned in by one of their own.

Anonymous Fails, Once Again, to Make Its Point

Big as they were, the attacks carried out in revenge for the Megaupload arrests accomplished nothing significant.

How Scary Was the Internet in 2011?

How scary was the Internet in 2011? It depends on what you consider scary. News of attacks, some silly, some downright chilling, created uneasiness all year.

Stratfor Hack Damage Report: 50,000 Credit Cards, 44,000 Passwords

Number of Lulz: Incalculable.

Anonymous Plays Robin Hood With Stolen Credit Cards

The hackers of Anonymous are at it again, attacking the servers of intelligence think tank Stratfor, and then using the pilfered credit cards to give money to charities.

U.K. Arrests Two More Suspected Members of LulzSec

Police in the U.K. make the second pair of arrests in as many days in their ongoing investigation into the activities of the LulzSec and Anonymous hacker gangs.

Operation Shady RAT: The Biggest Hacking Attack Ever

The biggest network intrusion ever has been carried out since 2006 against organizations in 72 countries. You get three guesses who the attacker is thought to be, but you probably only need one. Need a hint? It wasn’t LulzSec.