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LAL People Helps Find Friends Anonymously

LikeALittle, also known as LAL, is launching its first non-college-oriented app today, which will help users with common interests and nearby locations find one another.

The app, called LAL People and available for Web, iPhone and Android, is rather simple: users sign up with their email address or Facebook account. A profile is created with all sorts of information — profile picture, favorite music, teams, movies, even birthdate and education — whatever LAL can scrape from Facebook or get from the user directly.

But there’s one biggish difference: LAL People profiles do not show the user’s name or email.

That light veil of anonymity could lead to new and exciting interactions… but it’s also likely to inspire spammy and hollow conversations, if the history of chat rooms and forums is any precedent.

The underlying idea is this: LikeALittle was originally created around flirting on college campuses — where users have lots in common — so LAL People tries to approximate that by ranking users by its best guess that they’ll be interested in chatting and meeting with each other.

LikeALittle recently raised $5 million in Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz.

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