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What to Watch For at Apple’s Event, Besides That New iPad

Clearly, the most eagerly anticipated thing from the Apple event Wednesday will be the new products. Almost certainly there will be a new high-resolution-screen iPad, with the potential for TV-related products as well.

But there is more to a Cupertino production than just the new products.

1. The numbers

Apple loves to start off the show with a recap of just how fast it has been growing, an easy feat for the company in recent years. It has already thrown out one new stat — announcing on Monday that it has now passed the 25 billion app download mark (including free and paid iOS apps).

2. What the new iPad tells us about the future of other iOS products

New chips and cellular capabilities that land in the new iPad could very well make their way to the iPhone and other iOS products like the iPod touch. If, for example, the new iPad indeed supports faster LTE networks, it could pave the way for the high-speed wireless technology to make its way to the iPhone.

3. Tim Cook

Apple’s CEO has had the reins for a while now, but will still be under the microscope. It will be interesting to see both the ways that he looks to follow traditional Apple form as well as any ways in which his product introduction style breaks new ground. Cook also presided over the iPhone 4S introduction and was Apple’s lead representative at the announcement of the Verizon iPhone.

Of course, we’ll have live coverage of the event, which is slated to begin at 10 am PT on Wednesday.

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