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Maybe You’re Going to Have to Pay for Cable After All, Silicon Valley

Cue up the righteous anger, Silicon Valley. Here comes a clueless effort by a big, dumb TV channel to portray you world-changers as a bunch of vapid schemers. Even worse, it’s from a cable TV channel — the kind you crazy dreamers won’t even watch because you won’t pay to watch TV! Fail! Etc.

Oh. Sorry.

Turns out that Bravo’s upcoming “Silicon Valley” is produced by Randi Zuckerberg, described by a press release as an “Internet guru.” (Weirdly or not, it doesn’t mention that until last summer, she worked at Facebook, or that her brother is her brother.)

So maybe it will be good, after all.

Apologies for the long pre-roll ad that comes before this clip, which is also an ad. The Silicon Valley part kicks in at 1:20:

So, who wants to identify these future “techie superstars”? AllThingsD’s current techie superstar Liz Gannes flagged The Next Web’s Hermione Way for me — she’s the one who sounds like her name might be Hermione — but the rest are unknown to this cranky old New Yorker. Help me out, crowd!

But that’s not all! Bravo is doubling down on techie glamour with a second show, which will follow around Cheezburger Network’s Ben Huh and the rest of his LOLcat-ing crew. Working title is … “Huh?” Really. Sadly, no teaser clip here. But I am 100 percent confident that Kara Swisher is watching every minute of both of these.

(PS: There’s an Easter Egg at the end of this preview clip, at least for fans of Gawker’s fameball coverage, circa 2008.)

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