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Tim Cook on Apple and Facebook: “Stay Tuned” (Video)

Anyone with an iPhone knows how cozy Apple and Twitter are; tweeting is integrated into iOS’s blood. Conspicuously absent from Apple’s iOS platform, however, is the other social network. You know, the one that just went public: Facebook.

So why isn’t Facebook more fully integrated into Apple’s software?

The idea isn’t off the table. Onstage at our D10 conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook said his company’s current relationship with Facebook is “very solid. I think we can do more with them,” Cook said.

At the very least, it sounds like the two companies are talking, though they seem to be taking time in finding a middle ground. Take Cook’s analogy on the issue, when asked specifically about Facebook integration:

“I think that two people that have strong points of view can appreciate each other even more,” he said. “Because you have a point of view doesn’t mean you can’t work with other people.”

So is it a war of wills in hammering out the details? Perhaps. But Cook recognizes the value of Facebook. “We want to provide customers simple solutions. And Facebook has millions — hundreds of millions — of customers.”

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