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Sean Parker and Daniel Ek on Apple, Playlists and the End of the CD: The D10 Highlights (Video)

As streaming music services rise in popularity and more files are stored up in the cloud, Sean Parker and Daniel Ek want to make one thing clear: The CD is dead and gone. The playlist is the new CD.

That much makes sense, given that the two are the main proponents behind Spotify, one of the largest active streaming music services available.

However popular, though, not everyone is in love with Spotify: There are questions of artists being dissatisfied with the compensation they receive from the labels who license their music to Spotify. And there’s also the possibility that Apple played a role in keeping Spotify out of the U.S. for more than two years.

Check out the highlights from Parker and Ek in conversation with Walt Mossberg at our D: All Things Digital conference:

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