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The Office Finds More Space for the iPad

Whether it’s due to increasing adoption of Bring Your Own Device policies or the rising adoption by business of the device itself, Apple’s iPad continues to make inroads into enterprise.

New research from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) suggests that, following the release of the third-generation iPad in March 2012, business use of the device increased.

According to CIRP’s surveys of more than 1,000 consumers who purchased iPads from December 2011 through April of 2012, 21 percent of those who bought the new iPad said they will use the device for business. That’s 8 percent more than those who said they had similar intentions across all iPad models. Which is interesting. Because for the most part, other uses of the iPad — entertainment, Internet, email, reading etc. — were largely similar across all models. (Two notable exceptions to that: A decrease in gaming usage, and an increase in social networking.)

So what’s behind that 8 percent increase in business usage?

One possible explanation: With its Retina screen and 4G connection, the third-generation iPad is viewed as more suitable for business use. But that’s secondary to the more obvious explanation: Enterprise has warmed to the idea of the iPad as a standard-issue business sidearm.

A year ago, 86 percent of the Fortune 500 were deploying or testing the iPad. As of April 2012, 94 percent of the Fortune 500 and 70 percent of the Global 500 were either deploying or testing it. Driving that trend: A steady increase in useful business apps and the so-called ‚Äúconsumerization of IT,” which sees the rank and file acclimatizing enterprise to consumer devices.

“Now that Apple has launched three generations of the iPad, it’s become clear that they intend it as a tool, not a toy, especially with the improved display and faster connection,” CIRP partner Michael Levin told AllThingsD. “Apple also appears to have pushed into the business segment, so perhaps that effort has started to pay off. On the other hand, business use still represents a fraction of all uses, relative to entertainment and games, so it’s still way early for Apple to declare victory in the enterprise space.”

A data point to consider in advance of Apple’s earnings next week.

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