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Aiming to Precede New iPhone, Nokia and Microsoft Schedule September 5 Event

Microsoft and Nokia have just announced plans for a Sept. 5 event in New York to talk about the latest in their joint phone efforts.

That puts their event the week before what is expected to be Apple’s announcement of the next iPhone. Nokia is also holding its Nokia World event in Finland on Sept. 5 and 6.

Microsoft and Nokia would be likely to show off the first Windows Phone 8 devices at the event. Microsoft showed off some of the features of Windows Phone 8 in June, and promised a fall launch of phones running the new software.

The launch can’t come soon enough for Nokia, which has been hampered in its marketing efforts for its current Windows Phone lineup by Microsoft’s disclosure that current Windows Phone 7 devices won’t be able to run the new software.

A rather clever invitation, sent to reporters on Wednesday, features a functional mock-up of a Windows Phone, notes the time and place for the event, and mentions the Lumia and Windows Phone brand names. Clicking on the maps icon takes one to a map of the event location, and the RSVP button creates an email confirming one’s attendance.

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