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Magazine-Style Cooking App Panna Comes to iPhone

Oh, no, you’re thinking. Not another cooking app.


But Panna is a little bit different from most cooking apps, blending text-based recipes with famous chefs with professionally-produced video content.

Now the app, which launched on iPad late last year, is available on iPhone.

This food-porn app includes a library of recipes that can be sorted by cuisine or by chef, with a one-tap button for adding recipe ingredients to a shopping list. And it includes how-to videos from name-brand chefs like Rick Bayless and Anita Lo, as well as food writer Melissa Clark.

Panna, which was created by former music industry exec David Ellner, is free to download, but to get full access to the app users will have to shell out as they would for a magazine: Individual “issues,” which come out every couple of months, are $5 each. For a full-year subscription, it’s $15.

To start, though, there is some free content (like an appetizing cauliflower-and-hazelnut recipe by Ms. Lo).

The app is pretty good-looking on the iPad, and sticky-fingered at-home chefs might still find the extra screen real estate preferable to that of the iPhone. But for those who pinch and squeeze their iPhone screens while cooking in the kitchen, Panna will likely be a welcome addition.

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