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Going, Going, Just About Gone: Google Will Nuke Reader Data Tomorrow

Are you a:

  • Former Google Reader user who has yet to find a replacement for the service, which shut down at the beginning of the month?

And a:

  • Former Google Reader user who never bothered to export their data in advance of the shutdown at the beginning of the month?

Probably not, right?

But if you do show up on this list, you’ve got one very last chance to get your hands on your stuff before Google pulls the plug once and for all.

Google says it will zap all of its subscription data tomorrow, July 15, at noon PT. Until then, you can still grab your old data at this link, via the company’s “takeout” service, which is actually kind of nifty.

And if you are still casting about for Reader replacements, my colleague Lauren Goode has a guide for you over here. I happened to find the link that generated this post, by the way, over at Hacker News, via Feedly.

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