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Motorola Creates Newfangled Way to Securely “Skip” the Password

For years, the tech industry has talked about ways of replacing the password.

But it’s mostly been that. Talk.

Motorola on Friday announced the Motorola Skip, a wearable fob that pairs with the Moto X and lets those who own both products have a different way to bypass the lock screen. Motorola is also offering “skip dots” that let customers create an area where the phone can be used without authentication — places like one’s car or bedroom.

The company’s head of advanced projects, Regina Dugan, spoke at our D11 conference about a future where devices are secured by tattoos or pills that you swallow.

Motorola said on Friday that this is the first step in that direction.

“Security is important,” Motorola said. “Skip makes it easy.”

Speaking of the Moto X, AT&T noted on Friday that it will have the device available for sale (and for customized order via the Moto Maker website) starting Aug. 23.

Motorola said Skip will come with three of the Skip dots, and will be sold via For a limited time, those who buy a Moto X through the Moto Maker site will also get the Skip package for free, Motorola said.

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