Say Goodbye to the Password

Here’s the fundamental problem with passwords: They are most effective in protecting a company when they are long, complicated and changed frequently.

The Answer to “What Is My Password Again?”

Katie reviews PasswordBox, which stores online logins and automatically retrieves them at every visit to a website.

Motorola Creates Newfangled Way to Securely “Skip” the Password

A wearable fob lets Moto X owners securely use their device without having to enter a PIN or password.

It’s Probably a Good Time to Change Your Terrible WordPress Password

Another hacking scare brings a good reminder: The biggest part of the problem is the awful password you chose in the first place.

News Byte

In Wake of Corporate Hacks, Twitter Steps Up Email Security

Twitter has implemented a new security technology in the official emails sent to its users, the company announced on Thursday, making it less likely for users to receive fake spam emails from a Twitter.com email address. It’s a fight to combat password phishing, especially in an escalating series of hacking incidents over the past few months.


Don’t Panic: Twitter Accidentally Reset Too Many Passwords

There is some concern on Twitter and other Web sites today that accounts are being hacked, as Twitter sent a large number of emails to users that it reset their passwords because their accounts may have been compromised.


FBI vs. Google: The Legal Fight to Unlock Phones

A legal battle is brewing between technology companies and the U.S. government over whether law-enforcement agents have the right to obtain passwords to crack into smartphones of suspects.

News Byte

Gizmodo Twitter Account Hijacked by Foul-Mouthed Hackers

The technology site Gizmodo’s Twitter account was taken over on Friday evening for a brief period from approximately 5:15 to 5:30 PT. The hijackers appear to be part of a hacking group named “Clan Vv3,” and used the account — which has nearly a half million followers — to post racist and offensive messages. The attackers seem to have gained access after compromising former employee Mat Honan’s e-mail and Twitter account. We’ve reached out to Gawker Media, which owns Gizmodo, for comment.

Another Bad Day for Passwords, This Time at Yahoo

The attack against Yahoo that revealed 453,000 email addresses and passwords apparently used a favorite hacker trick, the SQL injection. Also, why were passwords stored in plaintext?


LinkedIn Tries to Reassure Users Following Password Theft

LinkedIn Corp. moved to reassure customers about the security of their data, following a password theft that caused a black eye for the social-networking service. LinkedIn said in a blog post over the weekend that it had received no reports that member accounts were breached as a result of the stolen passwords.

Video Meme: Hallelujah for Flash Mobs!