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A New Terrible YouTube Video You Shouldn’t Watch but Probably Will

Remember when we were all so upset by Miley Cyrus and her terrible performance at the VMAs that we all had to write about it, and watch it, over and over and over?

That was in September! And now it’s October, so we need a new  focus for our faux-outrage. (Click here! Please!) This will occupy us for a day, perhaps: The latest terrible song and lousy video from Patrice Wilson, better known as the “guy who brought you Rebecca Black and “Friday.”

This one is, well, no need to keep typing before you watch it, or at least a couple seconds of it:

Okay. So.

I don’t know what Wilson has been doing for the last couple years since “Friday,” though his Wikipedia page insists that he has been keeping busy. I do assume that he knows what he’s doing here, and that the song’s multiple level of cringe-factors are intentional, and are all designed to get us to click and play and natter on.

But, if that’s the case, why not crank one of these out every six months or so? I can’t imagine that he requires a muse.

Anyway, Wilson gets some upside, because all of those clicks eventually translate into a bit of ad revenue, via YouTube. And perhaps there are still other parents out there who will see the video and think “Yes, this is something I would like my child to do, too.”* So that’s more money for him.

And, obviously, everyone who is writing about this gets a little bump, too — even those of us who profess to be ashamed to be writing about it. Presumably, the same thing will happen when it gets on to TV news, which should be any minute.

Oh, and if the whole thing turns out to be another Jimmy Kimmel fake?

Then we can all write about that, too, without much hint of embarrassment.

* Poor Alison Gold, by the way (assuming that she is a real person) has less than 200 Twitter followers as of Tuesday morning.

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