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Apple Has Bought Nine Companies Since October, and Is Going to Pick Up the Pace, Says Tim Cook

IMGS3873-X2What is Apple doing with its big pile of cash? Shouldn’t they go buy some companies with a chunk of that dough?

Well, they are, said Tim Cook.

The Apple CEO said that in the company’s previous fiscal year it bought a company every two to three months. In its current fiscal year, which started in October, it has picked up the pace, he said at the D11 conference: Apple bought nine companies.

And Apple hasn’t disclosed most of those, and likely won’t do so in the future; Cook said he’s going to keep shopping: “I think, if anything, we would do more of that in the future.”

Okay. But what about deals that are so big that Apple would have to disclose it? “We’re not currently looking at a big one, but we’re not opposed to doing that, if it makes sense.”


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