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Could Apple Be Getting Just a Bit More Open?

Apple CEO Tim Cook didn’t announce a new TV. Or a new watch. Or any new products. Nor would he give any real hints on that front.

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But he did a few things during his D11 appearance that signaled a possible change in business-as-usual in Cupertino.

First, in answer to an audience question, Cook said that Apple would be opening the iPhone up a bit further for developers who want to make deeper-level tweaks to the system.

Today, for example, Android developers can easily customize the home screen or offer what they think is a better keyboard. Those things aren’t possible on the iPhone, but might be down the road.

Cook did say not to expect Apple to go too crazy on that front, saying that people pay Apple to make choices on their behalf.

“I think you will see us open up more in the future,” he said. “But not to the degree that we put the customer at risk of having a bad experience.”

But will Apple open up more? Cook said. “Yes.”

Secondly, Cook said that even though he still dislikes Samsung as much as ever, he wouldn’t rule out Apple doing its own Android app at some point, though it hasn’t yet seen a reason to do so.

“We have no religious issue with doing that,” Cook said. “If we thought it made sense to do that, we would do it.”


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