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Mike Lazaridis is one of the key executives affiliated with the rise of the famed BlackBerry. While BlackBerry has become a staple of corporate communications, the past few years have been hard on Research In Motion, which has been slow to compete with more full-featured smartphone devices, especially Apple's iPhone and Android from Google. We'll ask him what happened and look forward to the future evolution of BlackBerry, as well as RIM's foray into the tablet game with its PlayBook, and how he will stop an eroding market share for the company. Mr. Lazaridis holds honorary doctoral degrees from the University of Waterloo in engineering, McMaster University, University of Windsor and Université Laval. He has been awarded Canada's most prestigious innovation prize: The Ernest C. Manning Principal Award.

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BlackBerry Shares Sink on Lazaridis Letdown

Evidently some folks really did believe BlackBerry co-founder Mike Lazaridis was going to swoop in like a deus ex machina and return the dilapidated smartphone pioneer to its former glory. Shares in the sadly diminished company closed down nearly nine percent at $7.05 on the revelation that Lazaridis has abandoned his, let’s face it, largely fantastical bid for the company, and reduced his combined stake with co-founder Doug Fregin to below five percent from eight percent.

Can Fairfax Close Its BlackBerry Bid?

It’s decision day for BlackBerry’s leading bidder.


Qualcomm in Talks to Join Cerberus and BlackBerry Co-Founders on Possible Bid

Qualcomm Inc. is in talks to join a possible bid for BlackBerry Ltd. that is being spearheaded by two of the beleaguered smartphone maker’s co-founders, according to people familiar with the matter.

BlackBerry to World: Not Dead Yet!

Reports of my impending death have been greatly exaggerated.

BlackBerry Co-Founders Lazaridis, Fregin Mulling Bid to Buy Back Company

Mike Lazaridis is considering taking a run at the company he founded.


Former BlackBerry Co-CEO Lazaridis Has Talked With PE Firms About Bid for Company

Former BlackBerry co-CEO has been talking with private equity firms about possibly mounting a joint bid for the struggling smartphone maker.

Lazaridis Won’t Dump His Shares — Unlike a Certain Other Former BlackBerry Co-CEO

No plans to divest as of right now.

Mike Lazaridis Leaves BlackBerry

End of an era.


BlackBerry Co-Founders Bankroll $100 Million Quantum-Science Fund

The two men who started BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. some 30 years ago are bankrolling a $100 million investment fund targeting commercial applications for advancements in quantum science.

RIM Execs Realize They’ve Had Their Reality-Distortion Field Pointed Backward All This Time

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins drops the “happy happy joy joy” talk at the company’s shareholders meeting.

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A RIM-mess Carol (Comic)