To Comply With FDA, 23andMe Won’t Give New Customers Genetic Analysis

The personal genetics startup 23andMe announced this evening that it has discontinued sales, after being warned by the FDA.


23andMe CEO Responds to FDA Warning Letter

The head of genetic-test maker 23andMe Inc. responded to a Food and Drug Administration warning letter in a blog post Tuesday night, acknowledging the company was behind schedule in addressing FDA concerns but defending the accuracy and value of the company’s tests.

FDA Tells 23andMe to Stop Marketing DNA Kits; 23andMe Says It’s Sorry for Being Slow

The FDA’s main problem with 23andMe seems to be around the idea that it empowers users to make their own medical decisions.

QOTD: 23andFamilyandFriends

It’s one thing to post your DNA on Facebook. But you’re also invading the privacy of people you’re related to.

Missy Krasner, executive in residence at Morgenthaler Ventures, on companies like 23andMe, which encourage clients to share their genealogical data on the Internet

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Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin and 23andMe Co-Founder Anne Wojcicki Have Split

One of Silicon Valley’s most high-profile couples are living apart.

23andMe Names Former Gilt Exec Andy Page as President (Video)

The million-DNA march gets some exec help.

Anne Wojcicki of 23andMe on One Million-DNA March and More (Video)

Can the personal genome company get people to keep spitting for their health?

News Byte

23andMe Raises $50 Million in New Funding, Adding Yuri Milner as Investor

Personal genomics company 23andMe said it has raised more than $50 million in a new funding round, a near doubling of its investments so far. 23andMe has already raised over about $68 million since it was founded in 2006. The new financing includes Russian investor Yuri Milner, as well as existing investors Sergey Brin of Google, 23andMe CEO and co-founder Anne Wojcicki, New Enterprise Associates, Google Ventures and MPM Capital. The money will be used by the Mountain View, Calif., company to grow to one million customers and also to cut the price of its Personal Genome service to $99, which offers 244 reports on health and personal traits, as well as genealogy and ancestry information. That price was originally $999 and provided only 14 reports.

Wikipedia’s Pledge Drive Ends — So Do Those Jarring Testimonials!

The Wikimedia Foundation’s annual fundraiser ended today after the nonprofit raised $20 million from one million donors worldwide.

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