Verizon’s LTE Map Is Nearly Complete, but All Four Major Carriers Are Starting to Fill in the Dots

These days, the coverage picture is different than the one painted by Verizon’s ads.

The Mobile Phone Market Just Officially Became the Smartphone Market

The number of high-speed mobile connections is expected to hit two billion this year, and quadruple that by 2019.

Qualcomm Issues Upbeat Earnings Report, But Guidance Disappoints Investors

The company hiked its forecast for high-end phone shipments for 2013 and said the company sees its revenue and per-share earnings growing at double digit percentages for the next five years.

As Expected, Vodafone Sells Its Stake in Verizon Wireless for $130 Billion, Giving Verizon Communications Full Ownership

The deal marks the end of a long, largely successful, joint venture between the two companies. Both parties had, at various times sought to buy out the other.

AT&T Takes Its Aio Wireless Prepaid Service Nationwide

The company already had its AT&T GoPhone sub-brand, but with Aio it is aiming to establish a more fully separate brand identity.

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iPhone Deal Paying Off for China Telecom

When China Telecom first inked its iPhone distribution agreement with Apple last February, the carrier said the deal would help it achieve long-term sustainable growth. A year and a half later, it appears to be doing just that. China Telecom, China’s third-largest wireless carrier by number of subscribers, posted its second consecutive quarterly profit on Wednesday, its fortunes lifted by a 51 percent year-over-year increase in 3G data usage, driven in part by the debut of the iPhone on its network.

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Sprint Closes Its Clearwire Purchase, With SoftBank Deal Set to Be Final on Wednesday

Sprint said on Tuesday that it has completed its $5-per-share acquisition of wireless network provider Clearwire. The closure comes a day ahead of the expected closure of SoftBank’s deal to acquire a controlling interest in Sprint.

A View to a Cell: San Francisco Mobile Towers Get Prime Real Estate (Video)

Like anyone looking for a home, cell providers are seeking out prime locations with great views and an understanding landlord.

Meet Zact, a Shareable Cellphone Service That Changes on the Fly

The new cellphone service runs on Sprint’s network using technology from ItsOn to allow far greater customization.


Connecting Things to the Internet Does Not an Internet of Things Make

The Internet is about shared information, and it’s hard to share from inside a silo.