Cook: Forget About Our Share Price, Apple Has Some Great Stuff Coming

Tim Cook doesn’t like Apple’s current share price, either.

The Market’s Watching TV for Apple’s Next Big Thing

Investors think Apple needs another disruptive innovation. An Apple television might be just the thing.

Investors Cut Another Slice out of Apple

Another down day for Apple shares.

How Will Apple Shares Fare Today?

Some volatility is inevitable, but Steve Jobs leaves behind a strong company, built to continue his legacy of innovation.

Apple Analysts: Screw Everything, Everything, We're Doing $550

Evidently a 78 percent net income increase in Apple’s fiscal first quarter was all it took for the market to put aside concerns about CEO Steve Jobs’s indefinite medical leave. Analysts following the company issued a fusillade of bullish notes celebrating the company’s leviathan quarter and raising their guidance for the year ahead. The most bullish target price of all: $550.

Apple Shares Down, but for How Long?

No big surprise here: Apple’s stock is slipping this morning following news that CEO Steve Jobs is taking another medical leave of absence. The company’s shares dropped some 6.5 percent this morning as the market mulled Jobs’s health issues and the potential timing of his return to the company. But how long they stay that way is up for debate.

Weekend Update 02.06.10–The Winter Ain’t Over Edition

Torrential rain in the west and blizzard of death in the east can mean only one thing. Using a fat rodent to divine the weather is at at least as accurate as $100 million in geosynchronous weather satellites. So as AllThingsD battens down the hatches on both coasts, Weekend Update is here to be the perfect accompaniment to hot tea and power-outage candles. So charge up the laptop while you can, and read on for a full week’s tech trends straight from our intrepid team.

Apple Builds Massive Glass Jai-Alai Court in New York

When it opens Nov. 14, Apple’s new Upper West Side store in Manhattan will be the company’s 280th worldwide, but it won’t be the newest store in the Apple empire for long. The company plans to open 40 to 50 more in 2010, some in locations like Shanghai, London and Paris. A few of these will be what Apple refers to as “significant stores,” outlets that are striking in both appearance and location.

Orange Juices U.K. iPhone Sales

iPhone exclusivity officially came to an end in the U.K. yesterday when, joining O2, Orange became the second carrier to offer the Apple smart phone in the country. And judging by Orange’s first-day sales, the debut was quite a success. The iPhone went on sale at 7 am Tuesday and by 4 pm, Orange had sold more than 30,000.

Apple: How Do You Say “Eat My Dust” in Finnish?

At 37.9 percent, Nokia’s share of the global handset market is the largest in the industry. Odd then to learn that it is not the most profitable. And odder still to learn that that honor belongs to Apple, which has been in the handset market for just two years.

Apple to Investors: You're Welcome

Analyst Favors iPhone Carrier Polyamory

Nokia Reorg Actually "Job Rotation"