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Xobni’s Jeff Bonforte Officially Running Yahoo’s Communications Products

According to his LinkedIn profile, Jeff Bonforte has been named SVP of communication products at Yahoo. An insider tipped me to the new title for the former CEO of Xobni, the maker of address-book apps and plugins which Yahoo bought in July. “I have responsibility for Yahoo Mail, Messenger, Groups, Contacts, Calendar and some other stuff,” wrote Bonforte on his profile helpfully (to me!). AllThingsD had previously reported that the well-regarded former Yahoo was likely to get just this key portfolio at Yahoo, which could certainly use his expertise.

Update: Xobni Price Paid by Yahoo Was $48 Million in Cash, Plus Possible Earn-Outs

Still not a big win, but not a total loss.

Yahoo Acquires Xobni for Upward of $30 Million


Yahoo Buys Qwiki for About $50 Million (Like ATD Said)

Yep — more mobile for Marissa Mayer.

Yahoo Offer to Buy Contact Startup Xobni Is at a Price of $30M to $40M

Yahoo’s new HR rule: If you can’t hire them, buy their company.

Yahoo Mulling Buy of Address Book App Maker Xobni

Yahoo is in serious discussions to buy Xobni, maker of address book apps and plugins.

“Path Does Not Spam Users”: Dave Morin Talks About the Hyper-Growth Pains of a “Personal Network”

The Path CEO addresses spamming accusations and concerns about his startup’s recent viral growth in an interview with AllThingsD.

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Path Stumbles on Privacy Issues. Again.

Path on Friday acknowledged a flaw in the company’s iOS application, which attached location data to imported photos taken with the Apple Camera app, even if users had turned off the location services setting in the menu. “We were unaware of this issue and have implemented a code change to ignore the EXIF tag location,” Path product manager Dylan Casey wrote in response to a security researcher’s discovery of the flaw. Update: As of 2:59 p.m PT., the updated Path app is now live in Apple’s App Store for download.

Facebook Cuts Off Friend-Finding Access to Vine, Twitter’s New Video App

Well, that was fast. But we knew it was coming.

New Address? Addappt Lets Friends Follow All Your Moves.

Walt Mossberg reviews Addappt’s free service and iPhone app that allows certain people in your address book to automatically update your contact information for them.

iPhone Address Book Rage (Comic)

Is My Email Address My Identity?