Viral Video: Country Music 2013 — Trucks, Girls in Trucks, Drinking in Trucks With Girls

Also drinking in trucks by riverbanks with girls.

News Byte

Not the Singles Lady — Apple Says Beyoncé Album Breaks Record

Apple said the new self-titled album from music superstar Beyoncé had sold 828,773 copies since it was released exclusively by the iTunes Store three days ago. The company said that made it the fastest-selling album ever on the music-selling site. U.S. album sales totaled 617,213 for a work that included 14 new songs and 17 videos.

What You Don’t Know About Sharing Photos

Tips on photo sharing through Facebook, Apple’s Photo Streams and Google+.

Viral Video: Let the Hipster Games Begin!

May the arugula be ever in your favor.

News Byte

Kodak Selling Online Photo Business to Shutterfly for $23 Million

On the heels of filing for bankruptcy and saying it would stop making cameras, Eastman Kodak said today it would sell its Kodak Gallery online photo services business to Shutterfly for $23.8 million. Users’ photos will be transferred to Shutterfly’s site.


Artists Experiment With Interactive Music Videos

Director Chris Milk’s new music video, released yesterday, introduces a young woman roaming a postapocalyptic landscape, and features a song from the coming album “Rome” by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi. But for some viewers the video’s main attraction will be the technology used to create it.

Viral Video: The JaneDear Girls Hook Up With the Lip-Synch Phenom on YouTube

BoomTown is officially voting for the JaneDear Girls, after seeing the hot country duo’s effective use of Keenan Cahill, a.k.a. the weird little lip-synch dude on YouTube. While the pair–Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett–have been rocketing up the country charts with their self-titled debut album, they delivered a rap-style offering, called “Need Ya Vote,” using the odd Cahill’s talents.

Money! Pink Floyd Stays at EMI–and iTunes.

Roger Waters and crew said they didn’t want their record label selling singles in Apple’s music store. But those concerns seem to have been resolved.

Wishing You a Jazzy Christmas

A musical holiday greeting, suitable for tracking Santa’s progress.


Amazon Can't Dent iTunes

On the day Apple Inc. rolled out the Beatles’ catalog on its iTunes Store, Inc. fired back with a digital exclusive of its own: The latest album from rap-rocker Kid Rock–whose music still isn’t available on iTunes–for just $3.99.

Sellaband Selling Bands, Again

Viral Video: Love Your Flawz