How Can You Miss Us if We Won’t Go Away? Paczkowski and Swisher Highlights From AllThingsD.

And so it goes in Silicon Valley.

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Facebook Tweaks News Feed Algorithm to Show More Relevant Ads

Facebook on Friday announced a slight change to its News Feed algorithm that aims to give greater weight to user feedback on undesirable ads. From now on, Facebook will try to show more relevant advertisements to users inside the News Feed, which may mean fewer ads delivered. Facebook’s goal for marketers, the company said, is to deliver the right ads to the people who want to see them the most, even if it means fewer ads delivered overall.

Bras in a Box and Netflix-Like Clothing Swaps? New Services Look to Disrupt Online Shopping.

Can a computer choose all your clothes for you?


Listen Up, Computers: You Still Can’t Beat the Human Touch

Algorithms are essentially sequences of finely-tuned rules for organizing 1’s and 0’s. Humans, unlike computers, can break these rules.

Facebook Opens Up About Its News Feed

Secrets of the Feed — REVEALED!

Meet Stitch Fix, the Personal Shopping Service That Mixes Data With a Human Touch

Silk blouse in your size and a statement necklace, coming right up.

Circa’s Matt Galligan on Building a Different Kind of News Reader (Video)

Mobile news apps are hot. Summly just sold for a ridonkulous amount of money, for example. So what’s up with the “atomic bits” list-makers of the San Francisco?

News Byte

LinkedIn Beefs Up Sitewide Search

LinkedIn announced an update to its search function on Monday, tweaking some smaller qualities to the site’s people-browsing capabilities. Among the improvements are a “smart query intent algorithm” — which learns and gets better with each search you perform — as well as suggested searches and automated alerts.


Embedded Analytics Can Save Time, Money and Lives

If heart disease runs in your family, DSP analytics and body sensors could continuously monitor you for the earliest symptoms.