Exclusive: Yahoo Finally Set to Strike Alibaba Share Deal — Half Now, Then Half of What’s Left After Eventual IPO

Could the never-ending Yahoo-Alibaba deal finally be close to a handshake? Yes, indeedy.

The Yahoo Lawsuits Begin: Put the Non-Blabby Deals in Your PIPE and Smoke It

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?

Jack Ma: Highlights From AsiaD (Video)

Alibaba’s Jack Ma sat down with Peter Kafka at AsiaD, our inaugural international conference, for a broad conversation that touched on philanthropy, pricing and, of course, Yahoo.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma: Make Up Your Mind, Yahoo

Alibaba’s CEO says he’s ready to buy all or part of Yahoo, just as soon as the company’s board figures out what it wants to do. But he says he won’t wait forever …

As U.S.-Listed China Internet Stocks Dive, Renren CEO Smacks Alibaba on the Way Down (And Gets Smacked Back)

As Chinese Internet exec Joe Chen of Renren snipes at a competitor there, there’s a bigger problem for that country’s Web companies.

Alibaba’s Jack Ma at Stanford: “We Are Very Interested” in Buying the “Whole” of Yahoo

In answer to a direct question about whether his company was going to buy Yahoo at a forum at Stanford University in Silicon Valley this afternoon, Alibaba Chairman and CEO Jack Ma said: “We are very interested” in buying all of it.
Jack Ma at D9

DST, Silver Lake and Yunfeng Lead $1.6B Tender Offer Aimed at Alibaba Employees at $32B Valuation

Big play in China, as big investors pour a fortune into Alibaba Group shares to give its employees some walking-around money.

Yahoo’s China Settlement Fails to Stem Its Stock Decline

You would think the settlement of a major dispute would goose the stock of a company, but Yahoo’s deal with its Chinese partner Alibaba Group on Friday did exactly the opposite.

Yahoo-Alibaba-SoftBank Settlement Call: At Least It’s Not 100 Percent of Zero!

As these companies are wont to do in the middle of the night, Yahoo, SoftBank and the Alibaba Group have reached an agreement in their nasty dispute around the Alipay payments unit, and they are ready to talk about it.