FaceTagram? InstaBook? Whatever You Call It, All Your Mobile Photo Are Belong to Facebook (for $1 Billion)!

Actually, it’s pretty simple: Photos. Photos. And, oh yes, mobile photos — lots and lots and lots of them.

What Connects a PlayStation Vita to a Walkman? A Designer.

Sony’s upcoming handheld gaming device, the PlayStation Vita, was developed in part by one of the original creators of one of the most successful consumer electronics devices of all time.

Hipstamatic Goes Social With Communal Photo Albums

Hipstamatic is now trying for some social pixie dust, through a cute idea to bring back the feeling of a shared disposable camera.

Texas Instruments to Acquire National Semiconductor for $6.5 Billion

Two of the oldest names in the chip business are about to combine. About as long as I’ve known about electronics, I’ve known of the names Texas Instruments and National Semiconductor. Today, TI announced it will acquire National for $6.5 billion, representing a 77 percent premium over the $3.4 billion market cap it had as of the close of today’s regular trading.

Japan Quake Roundup: Some Companies More Disrupted Than Others

Assessments of the disruptions that companies around the world are expecting as a result of the earthquake in Japan are still emerging nearly a week after the initial event. One thing that’s clear is that some companies will be worse off than others.

Turning a Tablet Into a Board Game

In the new Digital Solution column, Katie tests a game that successfully marries digital and analog games by using the first physical device to digitally interact with the Apple iPad.

Spotify's Daniel Ek Splashes Down at D: Dive Into Mobile

Next week, we’ll be putting on our first brand extension of the highly successful D: All Things Digital conference with D: Dive Into Mobile. And we’ve just added an exciting new speaker to the already top-drawer list: Daniel Ek, co-founder and CEO of Spotify. For those living under a rock, Ek leads one of the most exciting music services on the Web right now.

Google's Android Kingpin Andy Rubin Will Open D: Dive Into Mobile (Plus, One More Surprise!)

While everyone is considering whether to brine or deep-fry the turkey this week, All Things Digital HQ will be busy with our preparations for D: Dive Into Mobile. That includes setting the program, which takes place in two weeks and will open with an evening interview with Google’s Andy Rubin. Plus, there is one more surprise speaker we’ll be adding to the program too.

D: All Things Digital Goes Plural With New D: Dive Into Mobile Conference

Yes, it’s true–All Things Digital is expanding. And, for our first trick–ta-da–we bring you: D: Dive Into Mobile. The new conference represents the very first brand extension of our D: All Things Digital conference, now in its ninth year of grilling the big names in tech and media to sold-out analog audiences and scores more on the Web. And, as always, there will be no PowerPoints, no panels and definitely no pontificating.

Oh, Home Back in the Range (Of Wireless Access!)

BoomTown has finally dragged all my various and sundry bags of gadgetry back to San Francisco after a week of it sitting mostly useless on a ranch in Wyoming. However did I manage that?–at least according to a recent slightly alarmed series of articles in the New York Times about how technology is messing with our inner chi. The paper also has been urging readers to unplug and then tell the tale. Memo to the NYT editors: I survived the whole analog encounter just fine.