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Video: Mossberg and Patches Opine About AppleFest 2009 at the ATD Annual BBQ

Here’s a lovely video BoomTown did last night at our All Things Digital annual BBQ, at which the crackerjack team at our little rogue operation inside Dow Jones goes analog.

As a completely virtual company, it’s nice to get together to gnaw on some ribs and trade tech tales.

Last night, of course, much of the chatter was about what went down at the Apple event in San Francisco yesterday, at which CEO and Supreme Leader Steve Jobs made a grand reappearance onstage after a liver transplant.

“I’m vertical, back at Apple and loving every day of it,” declared Jobs, before introducing a variety of new features and software innovations to the company’s already strong repertoire, most specifically for iTunes and iPods.

(I guess some still stubbornly self-righteous bloggers were a little premature with their hysterical death’s-door assertions about the Silicon Valley icon and business-challenged certainty that Apple would wither too.)

Overall, from reading the coverage about the Apple (AAPL) gathering, the Jobs performance sounded kind of dramatic, even if there was no launch of a new device, such as the coming-up-next mystery iTablet.

Both Walt Mossberg and Digital Daily’s John “Patches” Paczkowski were at the event, along with Mossberg Solution’s Katherine Boehret and our Webmaster, master photog and Newton fanboy, Adam Tow (see his amazing images of the confab here).

(Walt actually punked me at the BBQ by pretending he actually had a demo of the alleged Apple tablet in his bag–at which I almost lunged like a lunatic–when he had no such thing. Ha. Ha.)

In any case, here’s their frank ruminations on what went down–not too much new, really, but still interesting, as always, from Apple.

And, separately, after the Apple event was over, Patches went to a meeting with Palm (PALM) to take a gander at the new Pixi smart phone and gives his first thoughts on that too.

Here’s the video interview:

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