How Somebody Forced the World’s Internet Traffic Through Belarus and Iceland

If you used the Internet in 2013, there’s a good chance your traffic passed through the hands of ISPs in Belarus and Iceland. It shouldn’t have happened.


A Blueprint for a Massive Mobile Company

The history of the toolbar provides an analog for mobile today.

Global Internet Bodies Turn Their Backs on U.S. Oversight

A sudden shift away from U.S.-centric governance of the Internet means a lot of uncertainty ahead.

Silk Road Bust Raises Profile of So-Called “Dark Web”

That it exists is interesting. What you find on it isn’t.

Same as It Ever Was

We often think the Internet enables you to do new things. But people just want to do the same things they’ve always done.

Evan Williams at the XOXO conference in Portland last week

Never Mind, Iran: Facebook and Twitter Are Blocked Again

A technical glitch, not a change in attitude.

Facebook and Twitter Come Back to Life in Iran

Blocked for four years, Iran’s people can tweet and “Like” each other again. No change yet for YouTube.

NASA Heads Back to the Moon, This Time With Robots and Laser-Powered Space Internet

It’s not a Mars colony mission, but it still sounds pretty cool. Here’s the launch video.

Syrian Electronic Army Says Attack on New York Times Is Over

“It was worth the attempt for world peace,” the group says.

SmartThings, the “Internet of Things” Company That Connects the Gadgets in Your Home, Launches Its Own Store

In its new online shop, SmartThings will sell its own products and devices from companies like GE and Schlage.

Internet Coming Back to Syria