The Death-Stare Stylings of Groupon’s Andrew Mason: The Full D9 Interview (Video)

It is indeed true that when he did not want to answer any question I posed, Groupon CEO and co-founder Andrew Mason stared at me in hopes that laser beams would come out of his eyeballs. They didn’t, but that does not mean it’s not worth watching his attempt.

Andrew Mason

Founder and CEO
Groupon, Inc.

Andrew Mason is the founder and CEO of Groupon, which has been called "America's Best Website" by one of their own television commercials. Andrew has been using his fingers since an early age, most recently to type this biography. A Northwestern University graduate in music, Mason's achievements date back to his 8th grade wrestling Rookie of the Year trophy at Mt. Lebanon High School in Pittsburgh. Andrew considers himself an online enthusiast and man.

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