Andy Rubin

SVP, Mobile & Digital Content

Andy Rubin is responsible for Google’s mobile and digital content businesses, including development of Android and Google Play. Prior to joining Google, he was founder and CEO of Android, a company he incubated as an entrepreneur in residence at Redpoint Ventures. Android was acquired by Google in 2005.

Previously, Rubin was president and CEO of Danger Inc., where he helped create the Sidekick, one of the first mobile devices to offer a direct Internet experience. Earlier, he was instrumental in building and shipping WebTV, the first interactive television-based Internet service, which was acquired by Microsoft in 1995. He also led the effort to ship the Motorola Envoy, one of the first wireless PDAs for General Magic, and helped design the 
first host-based software modem for Apple Computer.

He began his career as a software engineer for Carl Zeiss A.G., maker of industrial and consumer optical products, and is the author of numerous patents in wireless communications.

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Google Acquired Seven Robotics Companies for Andy Rubin

Google bought seven robotics companies in the past six months — Schaft, Industrial Perception, Meka, Redwood Robotics, Bot & Dolly, Autofuss and Holomni — for an effort to create manufacturing and logistics robots under former Android head Andy Rubin. The deals were reported in a New York Times article, and confirmed by the company. The Times says Rubin’s aims are not at creating robots for consumers, but rather for competing with Amazon and its flying delivery drones. (Robots versus drones is the ultimate endgame, after all.)

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In a post on Google+, Barra confirms that he is heading to China’s Xiaomi to lead their global expansion.

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One of Google’s top Android executives is leaving the company.
Hugo Barra


Google Breaks Up Mapping and Commerce Unit

Google Inc. executive Jeff Huber stepped aside as head of the Internet giant’s mapping and commerce unit on Wednesday, in a two-part management shift that also saw the chief of the Android unit, Andy Rubin, leave his position, said people familiar with the matter.

Andy Rubin Stepping Down as Android Head Was Sudden but Inevitable

Larry Page subs a grounded and effective operator, Sundar Pichai, for the independent-minded Rubin.

Android’s Father Won’t Soon Be Forgotten (Video)

Whatever Andy Rubin does in his next act at Google, his contributions to the mobile industry have been immeasurable.

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A sit-down interview with Google’s new head of Android.

Android Chief Andy Rubin Moves to Other Google Projects While Sundar Pichai Takes Over

Android is now part of the team that does Chrome and Apps.

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Only a Googler could explain why Android and YouTube are talking about launching separate music services. But we can guess.

Google’s Rubin: No Need for Retail Stores