Chicago Man Pleads Guilty in Hacking Case

A Chicago man who used the moniker Anarchaos has pleaded guilty to breaking into computer systems used by Texas-based intelligence firm Stratfor in 2011, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

Internet Coming Back to Syria

After 20 hours, the lines are humming back to life.

Denial of Service Attacks Are Getting Bigger and Badder

A fire hose with 700 percent more unwanted water than before.


Hackers Hit Israel Over Palestinians

Hundreds of Israeli websites on Sunday came under attack from a group of pro-Palestinian hackers, who disrupted dozens of government and private websites in their stated attempt to “erase Israel from cyberspace.”

Reuters Social Media Editor Charged With Helping Anonymous Hackers

He’s accused of helping a hacker gain access to the Los Angeles Times content system.

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Burger King Twitter Account Hacked

Today’s social media lesson: Always have someone watching the company accounts over a long holiday weekend. Burger King’s official Twitter account, which has a following of upward of 100,000 users, was hijacked by hackers on Monday morning, resulting in multiple vulgar tweets streaming from the verified account. It seems to be the handiwork of Anonymous, which is claiming responsibility from its own official Twitter account. Twitter did not respond to a request for comment. Update: As of 10:15 am PT, the Burger King account has been suspended.

In Wake of Activist’s Death, Anonymous Hacks MIT Website

The hacker group retaliates against the organization involved, in part, in the young activist’s criminal prosecution.

Egging Anon

Today, Anon lacks the talent and semi-cohesion it once boasted across the net, and its most recent online crusade is an embarrassing reminder. This is less a war than the hacker equivalent of egging someone’s house and then smoking weed behind a Denny’s.

— Gizmodo editor Sam Biddle, in an article entitled “Anonymous Is Losing Its War Against Israel”


GoDaddy: Service Outage Was Our Fault, Not Hacking

Monday’s meltdown of Web sites hosted by GoDaddy.com was due not to Anonymous-linked hackers but to failures of the company’s own systems, the company said Tuesday.

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GoDaddy Goes Down Hard; Anonymous Hacker Claims Responsibility

Web hosting company GoDaddy experienced a period of company-wide outages on Monday morning, taking down a slew of Web sites that rely on the company for hosting services. GoDaddy acknowledged its problems from its Twitter account, stating that employees were working to fix the problem, but did not offer any insight as to the source of the crash. At the same time, a person claiming to be a member of the sprawling hacker collective Anonymous is claiming responsibility for the takedown.

WikiLeaks Prank Targets New York Times

How Scary Was the Internet in 2011?